Saturday, April 09, 2005

Work In London

Ok, what happened this week?

I went to the Champions League match Chelsea - Munich in London. I flew in on Tuesday, match was on Wednesday and back on Thursday. Work there went rather well but Munich lost 4:2 which now requires a 2:0 in the next match for them to proceed to the half finals.

Our hotel was the Chelsea Village which is located right at Stamford Bridge. That conveniently cuts down the time you need to get to the TV compound to about 150 seconds.

When we checked in Felix, the guy with the company credit card, told the manager on duty that he would pay for the rooms of our crew and that the invoice had to state the company address. The french guy (why is it, that there are so many french, italians and germans working in London hotels?) said that it would most certainly be no problem and if he would be so nice as to sign on this paper that he would pay for the 4 other rooms.

Checkout on Thursday, however, proved to be quite a problem as the girl at the reception did not really know what she was doing.

After 25 minutes we finally managed to have all the rooms on one invoice and all the extras on the other. To put in the company address was beyond her, though.

Very sad for a hotel with a room rate of 160 Pounds per night.

Heathrow was as horrible as always. I really think Heathrow is one of the worst airports in Western Europe. Although we didn't have to wait at all to check in at the BA counter. That actually was a first. The flight was delayed due to heavy traffic and we took off one hour after our scheduled departure.

Just to make the day complete my train from Düsseldorf to Cologne was cancelled and I had to take a completely different route.

So while the actual flight took only 50 minutes, the trip from the hotel in London to my apartment took about 7,5 hours.

BTW My Dell monitor is supposed to be delivered on the 14th now.

Take care,