Sunday, April 24, 2005

Made it back from Vegas

I finally made it back from Vegas, the fligh was rather uneventful and actually quite fast. No delays, no long waits when changing flights.

And now I can share some crappy pictures I made with my cell phone.

This was my hotel floor in the Mirage. These endless floors are creepy somehow.

Apropos floor, we went to the Mix, a nightclub on the 64th floor of 'The Hotel at Mandalay Bay'. $20 cover charge, quite a nice view over the strip but the cocktails had some room for improvement. Still a nice view, did I mention the patio seating?

And I really did buy a PSP. And what a good buy it was. We must have found the last three PSPs in all of Las Vegas as the usual spots (EB Games, Circuit City) were all sold out.

And this is my PSP which already shortened my flight back:

Slightly jetlagged I had to work at another issue of the
Chart Show again. This time it was about the best music videos. Well what can I say, there were some live bands. Paul Anka also, which seems a bit surprising. But the after show party was nice and The Boss Hoss were performing an unexpected live session right there at the bar.

Damn, I really need a cell with a better camera.

Take care,



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