Sunday, April 17, 2005

First Night in Vegas

I did not sleep the night before the flight and thus managed to get 5 to 6 hours of sleep on the plane.

I reserved a seat in Economy Plus months ago and got one behind the crew seating. That means you can't reach the back of the seat in front of you with your legs, even if you stretch.

The guy next to me asked if I would be willing to switch seats with his girlfriend who had a 'very similar seat on the other side of the cabin'. But her seat was neither a window seat nor had it the row spacing I had here, so I said I was sorry but no.

Turns out that, unlike her boyfriend, she was German. We did not talk a lot though, as I was sleeping (or trying too) most of the flight.

So he switched seats with his girlfriend. After we landed his 'girlfriend' was completely alone at the baggage claim, took her trolley and left equally alone.

The trip from Chicago to Las Vegas was rather uneventful.

Checked in the Hotel and then Heiko and I opted for a rather early dinner in the ESPN sportsbar. We hit a bar at the New York, New York after dinner and witnessed 3 simultaneous bachelorette parties with one of them having the bride to be offer 10$-20$ body shots.

But finally, three Long island Ice Teas later, the time zones caught up with us and we went to sleep.

Oh and this is a view from my hotel window. Strange reflection in the window btw.


At 16:41, Anonymous Dirk said...

Nice view from your room!

And don't forget to drink one or more Long Islands for me too!

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